Preschool Covid Procedures
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Preschool Covid Procedures

Preschool Covid 19 Procedures
Macland Presbyterian Preschool

*Parents will not be allowed in the building at any time.
*Each child will have their temperature checked before exiting their car in the morning carpool line.
*Each child will use hand sanitizer prior to entering the building.
*Once inside the building the children will enter perspective classrooms for the day.
*All classrooms will use their own bathrooms.
*In the event anyone needs to leave the classroom, hand sanitizer will be used both exiting and reentering.
*All food, including morning snack, will be provided by the parents of each child.
*Teachers will wear gloves when handling food and helping the children with their snack and lunch.
*Classes may go to the gym or the playground only with each other and not another class. All toys must be cleaned after use.
*Afternoon carpool will be done from the classrooms as opposed to the hallway. Hand sanitizer on the way out.
*Pastor David will travel to each room for chapel each week.
*Science will be brought to each classroom.
*Music and Movement TBA

We do not require children to wear masks. We will support you and your child if they choose to wear a mask.